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“Don’t Miss the Mobile Revolution. Accelerate your Business with Mobile Solutions”

Go Mobile!

15 years ago when we first entered the industry if we told you, ‘you need a website’, we would have been shrugged off and politely told ‘it’s not for us’ or ‘we don’t need a website’. 15 years on the likelihood is you are on your second or third company website. 2015 and the same phenomena is taking place and it is taking place due to a major shift in browsing habits.

Today nearly 75% of browsing is done using a mobile device, be it a smartphone or tablet. The same devices are being used not only for browsing but also improving business productivity and customer service. Let’s take for example the ability to check your balance anywhere in the world through your banking app. What about the shift from taking orders in a restaurant once upon a time using pen and paper to now a ipod or tablet? Directly linked to the kitchen and EPOS system. Or what about being able to manage your repeat prescriptions from the comfort of your sofa? You can now even video conference a private doctor anywhere in the world whilst sat in your home or office.

Clearly the possibilities of mobile are limitless and we have only scratched the surface.

Are you a business owner that has a website but needs to evolve to mobile? May be you are an ideas-person who has a concept you would like developed?

Whatever your mobile needs, Haarty Hanks has the expertise to turn ideas in to reality.

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