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Internet only pharmacy

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    Pharmacy Website Design

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    Brand Enhancement, Consultancy, Strategy Planning, Responsive Website Design, Online Prescription Management, Care Home Brochure, Advertising, Print Media, Search Engine Optimisation, Google AdWords, Social Media.

Why this project?

A fast expanding internet only pharmacy, Phamacy to My Door (PTMD) was struggling to function let alone expand with the website purchased through The Pharmacy Centre.

Little did the company realise that they were partaking in a solution driven by a pharmacy consortium which had little interest in PTMD succeed.

Frustrated and losing business, pharmacy to my door successfully found Haarty Hanks through our good friend Google.

Since delivering the new internet pharmacy we have been taken on board as their Marketing Agency and awarded the contract to develop another e commerce website focusing on pet medication.

Tags :graphic design, responsive design, consultancy, web development, internet pharmacy, Magento, AJAX, JQUERY, HTML5, marketing, SEO, Facebook, marketing management

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