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So you have your website, congratulations! But what are you doing to attract sales? Before you can even try to answer the question, you will first need to ask yourself, ‘what you are doing to drive traffic’?

Traffic leads to browsing which leads to conversions which leads to money in the till.

The most popular choice amongst serious online entrepreneurs is search engine optimisation, also referred to as SEO. SEO is the technique used to create for a website organic rankings.

What is an organic ranking?

Using Google as an example (lets face it this is the search engine most clients want a top ranking with) there are two fundamental types of rankings achievable. The first is by running a Google AdWords campaign and the other of course, SEO. Results listed below a Google AdWord are your organic listings. Click to view illustration

So how does it all work?

To explain the inner workings of SEO here would not be practical, however in essence the objective is to give your website the best possible Google Page Rank which is achieved by creating for your website a credible back link portfolio.

Now the most pertinent question – why Haarty Hanks?

The answer really is quite simple.

  • We are certified by both Google and Microsoft.
  • We only employ certified marketing professionals.
  • We have an enviable track record.
  • We are one the most competitive SEO agencies in the UK.
  • We eat, breath and sleep digital marketing.

The alternative? Respond to one of the 100 spam emails you receive from Raj claiming to be Robert, from his gmail account touting you for SEO business.

Haarty Hanks is a marketing led digital agency. Marketing is in our blood, it’s an inherent part of who we are and what we do.

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