Did You Know the Seven Different Types of Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing has changed the scenario of business strategy. Whether you wish to make a sale, create brand awareness or offer a robust customer support, digital marketing tools make the process more swift and efficient. In this blog, we will briefly discuss seven different digital marketing tools and techniques.

Search Engine Optimization
Search engine optimisation is popularly known as SEO. It is the process of getting audience traffic from the free, organic, natural or editorial search results on search engines. By understanding how top search engines rank websites, one can optimise a website to maximise its chances of ranking well for the relevant searches. However, search engine algorithms are dynamic, and they change time to time, making it necessary for online businesses to stay updated with best practices to maintain high rankings for related keywords.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)
SEM or Search Engine Marketing is the process of gaining website traffic by purchasing ads on search engines. Google AdWords is by major standards the most popular paid search platform used by search marketers, followed by Bing Ads. Beyond that, there are many other PPC platforms as well as PPC advertising options on the major social networks.

Content Marketing
Content marketing is a strategic approach to business marketing which is centred on creating and distributing valuable and relevant content consistently. This content helps to attract and retain a defined audience and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. Content marketing is the continuous process that concentrates on communicating with your customers without always selling. The content marketing strategies to educate the consumer while offering consistent, valuable information to buyers who, in turn, reward us with their purchase and loyalty.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Social media marketing is an excellent way for businesses to fulfil their objectives regarding building brand equity, enhancing customer service, reaching potential customers and collecting customer feedback. If companies can create social media content that offers value to others, they can successfully connect with customers.

Affiliate Marketing
In affiliate marketing, you can earn a commission by promoting other company’s products on your blog or website. You get a product/brand you like, promote it to your audience, and earn a piece of the profit for every sale that you make.

Email Marketing
Email marketing has long been a pillar for any business venturing to make sales via the internet. It provides direct contact with the customers and allows you to drive prospective customers to your website. In a few simple steps, you can give exciting news, updates, reminders, etc. to your customers in a matter of minutes.

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