What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing

Marketing has taken a big shift with emerging trends in digitization. It has become very important for marketers to embrace digital marketing which is inclusive of social media marketing. Social media is a phrase that is commonly used to refer to different platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter. These platforms provide their users with different ways to interact with each other.

What is social media marketing:

This is a type of internet marketing that entails content creation as well as sharing this in different social media networks in order to achieve sales and even particular brand goals. This is inclusive of posts that are in text form, images, infographics, videos as well as any other engaging content that keeps your target market glued to your brand.

This type of marketing is targeted at driving traffic to your brand using a particular social site.

What do you need to succeed at social media marketing?

  1. A strategy

Every brand should come up with a strategy, a strategy will help you in directing your efforts in the right way. You can employ the services of a social media optimization company to help your business with this.  Having a plan helps you easily navigate your way into success.

A great strategy includes knowing who your target market is, the best content that engages them, the best platforms to post your content as well as how best to keep engaging your community.

  1. Engaging content

It is very important that every brand develops content that speaks to their audience while engaging them. Content can mean the difference between successful marketing or failure.

  1. Identify the best platform

Depending on the products and services a given brand is marketing on social media, this can help drive which social media sites are best for your brand.  Twitter, for example, has a limit in the characters one can use which may be limiting for a particular brand.

  1. Target market

This is very key if as a brand your social media marketing efforts are to pay. You should focus on narrowing down your market according to different demographics such as age and location.

It is important to get things right as far as social media marketing is concerned. We recommend hiring the services of an SMO company and especially  SMO Services In Mumbai.

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Top 5 Ways to Use SMO Services for Your Website

Top 5 Ways to Use SMO Services for Your Website

To be able to understand the different ways you can use SMO services for your website, we need to first understand what SMO is as well as what such services can do for your website.

What is social media optimisation (SMO)?

SMO refers to different techniques used in promotion of a brand  in order to encourage users to share different links in different social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or even LinkedIn. This, therefore, means that a given website should develop great content, have a call to action, use great keywords that encourage sharing of links.  In case you do not know where to get started on all of these, you can consult with a social media optimization company.

Here are top #5 ways you can use SMO services in Mumbai for your website

#1. Integrating Social Sites with your website

This will help in increasing your brand visibility. You can begin by blending your social media sites with your website. Work by adding the different buttons for the different platforms. You can also post links from your website on your social media platforms that would take your users back to your site. Lastly, customize your site so that users can sign in here using different social media platforms.

#2.Grow your following on social sites

Ensure that you grow your following on social media sites as this also directly affects how your website will grow. Numbers are very key!

#3.Optimise your content

Creating optimized content has become very important. Thoroughly research on relevant keywords for your niche, post content on a regular basis and give your readers value.

#4.Use of Hashtags

We cannot emphasize this enough. Hashtags have become an important element in SMO services. People now use hashtags to look for products and services that suit and which is why you need to be creative about this. Do your homework right and allow hashtags to work positively for your website.

#5. Take advantage of social media analytics.

This can be done using tools such as Google analytics. Having this allows you to know whether your SMO services are paying off for your website too.

Don’t forget to consult with an SMO company to help you with this kind of services in case you are stuck.

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Why Your Business Absolutely Needs Social Media Marketing

Why Your Business Absolutely Needs Social Media Marketing1

Social media marketing has become a game changer for brands in this digital age. It has allowed businesses to easily access their target market both organically and through paid advertising. It is therefore incredibly important for businesses to focus on this very versatile method of marketing.

Here are some of the reasons why every business needs social media marketing

  • Understanding your target market

Social media marketing allows you to understand your target market as they engage with you on different platforms. By engaging with them, you get to understand what they care about, what products they are into etc. This helps you to develop products, services, and content that best appeals to them.

  • Social media marketing allows for targeting and retargeting

Platforms such as Facebook allow you to put up ads targeted to your audience. This can be customized to demographics such as age, location, hobbies etc. Depending on how a particular ad works, you can use that data to retarget and give your audience exactly what they need. An SMO company can directly help your business work on this.

  • Increasing brand awareness

Social media marketing is the best tool to help in increasing awareness of your brand. Different platforms allow you to increase your brand visibility while reaching your target audience.

  • Better client support thus building brand loyalty

Customers increasingly prefer to use social media platforms to raise concerns and find information. As a business, answering these concerns and questions promptly is of paramount importance. You need to show your clients that you care about them, address their concerns, engage them and make sure this is done in a timely manner. You can engage a social media optimization company on how best you can offer client support. You can also find SMO services in Mumbai.

It is important for business to focus their market efforts on social media too as the benefits to this are limitless. Employ an SMO company to come up with a good strategy and help you in keeping up with evolution of the market too.

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Professional SEO Services Can Boost Your Business

Professional SEO Services Can Boost Your Business

Search engine optimization has become a very key component for different brands on the internet today. Employing a professional SEO company to offer  SEO services which can make a very big difference for your business, from putting your brand close to your clients to boosting sales for your products and services.

You may be wondering why you need professional SEO services for your business. Here is why

  • Professional SEO services can help in ranking your business on the top page of Google for your clients to easily find you.
  • This can also help in increasing engagement with your target audience
  • Helps improve on your organic search

How professional SEO services can boost your business

  • Professional SEO services will ensure that they develop a good and diverse content marketing strategy. Content should be relevant and engaging for your readers. When readers get value from what a business posts, they are likely to keep coming back for more.
  • They incorporate SEO tools for your business. This helps to reduce on the amount of time spent on keyword research as well as optimization which would save your business on some costs.

What should you look out for when hiring professional SEO services

There are different SEO Agencies and companies available who offer professional SEO services, it is therefore important to have an idea of what to look out for when employing the services of an SEO agency or company . These include:

  • Do they have good references? Where have they previously worked and what type of results did they deliver previously. Do they have a track record of success?
  • Are they interested in knowing your business? Are they asking questions such as what your products and services are? What your competition is etc?
  • Do they have a strategy that you believe will work for your business?

It is there important for any given business to make use of search engine optimization for business growth through employment of professional SEO services to ensure that they outdo their competition.

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Real Estate Online Marketing; What Are The Best Approaches?

Real Estate Online Marketing

The marketing landscape has seen a paradigm shift in recent times affecting how different businesses operate. This is no different for Real Estate businesses. Traditional marketing techniques are no longer enough as most people have become digitized and have even moved their search online. This has made it important for Real Estate businesses to come up with marketing ideas that makes them accessible to their clients easily.

Digital marketing services for real estate are inclusive of approaches such as SEO, social media, paid to advertise among others.

a) Search Engine Optimization

Majority of homeowners and sellers are big on searching for homes online. It is therefore important for businesses to ensure that they have their SEO services for real estate figured out. SEO involves ensuring that your site is optimized for things like keywords, providing relevant content, ensuring that links on your site are not dead ends, the site is mobile friendly and even having great load times on your site. These are just a couple ways that you can have your site optimized.

b) Paid Advertising

This is one of the best ways to reach out to market a real estate business online. This marketing approach allows a business to have control over things such as keywords, ad texts, pages to drive traffic to and much more. With this, it is easy to target clients that can convert into sales.

c) Display advertising

This is also a great approach for online Marketing for real estate. It involves capturing the attention of potential clients visually with different displays. Businesses should work with targeted sites where potential clients spend the majority of their time. It enables people to make a mental note of the services offered.

d) Social media platforms

Majority of the population is online and signed up to at least one social media platform, this could be Twitter, Facebook or even professional sites such as LinkedIn. Such platforms can be utilized to effectively reach to potential clients in the real estate niche. The power of these platforms cannot be ignored, both organic and paid advertising can be done.

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Digital Marketing; What an Online Pharmacy Needs To Do

Digital Marketing; What an Online Pharmacy Needs To Do

The present and the future of businesses are online. Technology has made it easier for businesses to reach their client base. It has become a very important aspect for businesses to keep up with these new trends or end up being phased out. Online pharmacies are not to be left behind in this new wave. With that, it has become important for online pharmacies to come up with marketing techniques that would ensure they are on top of the food chain in digital marketing.

Some of the pharmacy marketing ideas that online pharmacies can take up include:

a) Building a Subscription list

This has become very important for businesses and in order to thrive, this is one marketing idea that all businesses should keep up with. Having a site where people can subscribe to the services an online pharmacy is offering is a great way to get started. Pharmacies can also invest in applications such as Mail Chimp where they are be able to gather emails from potential clients. With this information, it is easy for them to send emails marketing their products to their clients as often as they wish.

b) Leveraging on the social media platforms

Social media has become an essential part of everyday life providing people and businesses a means to keep connected. For online pharmacies, this is another digital marketing service in india they could tap into; with platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and many more platforms, it has become easier for business to market their services both organically and through paid advertising.

c) SEO Services for Pharmacy

Search Engine Optimisation is of paramount importance to any business online. As an online pharmacy, you should ensure that your business is well optimised through keywords used so that it can be easier for clients to find you on a given search online.  Great SEO increases the business’s visibility and draws traffic to the business.

d) Google Adwords

This has become a very effective marketing strategy for businesses. Online pharmacies should consider this paid advertising service from Google as it allows them to get their clickable adverts on a Google search. This means that they are able to get more access to potential clients and market their services seamlessly.

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Improving Your Sales with Search Marketing

Improving Your Sales with Search Marketing

So, you already have a website and you are wondering why your sales have not increased since it launched. You must have heard of search engine optimization (SEO). In case you haven’t, it is a technique used in making websites more visible online.

To sell more, you need more customers and to get more customers, you need to ensure your website is seen by prospects. If you are gathering a low sale from your website, there is a high probability that your website traffic is low.

The SEO Service offered by Haarty Hanks Digital Marketing agency is to help business owners like you maximize the potential of their website.

How SEO Marketing Can Help You Make More Profit

More than 90 percent of UK citizens use the internet for one purpose or the other, and one of the most frequented places is the search engines like Google and Bing. Using an SEO service helps your website rank high in the search results related to your product or service.

Increased Visitors

The more sales generated on your website is dependent on the number of people that gets to see your product. Our SEO Service will enhance your visibility when people search keywords related to your business. The optimized title and meta-description will be tempting they can’t afford not to click.

More Pageviews

Having a lot of people visiting your website is not enough. It is good to have them check out different products on your website. Our team will also help you achieve that.

Free Adverts

When your site ranks high on search engines, the probability of other sites referencing you significantly increases, earning you many backlinks. Backlinks are like free adverts.

More Sales

With more visitors and pageviews comes more sales and thus increased Return on Investment (ROI).

Why You Should Choose a Reputable SEO Service Company

Reputable SEO Service company like Haarty Hanks brings to the table experience working in different fields related to enhancing websites profitability.

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Web Design and Development Company

Web Design and Development Company

Today, one of the basic requirements of any business is booking a space on the internet. The only way to do this is by having your own website, and concluding on owning your own website goes beyond just buying a domain and hosting service.

A website is not a dumping ground, it promotes your business, it is your sales person to people you may never see. A view of your website can be used to evaluate thousands of things about you the business owner ― and we know you will like a positive impression.

The most advisable step in creating a fantastic website for your business is, of course, getting a web design and development company ― but that is not all. Choosing a company with a proficient team of experts on all a website requires is more important.

We at Haarty Hanks Digital Marketing Solutions ensures all your website needs to help improve your business profitability is well taken care of.

Before creating a website, your business brand value, goals, and how the company is planning to offer satisfaction to customers need to be first addressed. With our digital strategists, all this could be no problem.

The next step will be your budget for the website. Our proficient account specialist will help you break down your dream website cost into a better and affordable budget with all the required features that will help your business grow.

Other members of our web design and development company team include but not limited to information architect that help decide the best layout for your website based on the purpose; SEO specialist that will ensure your website is well ranked on popular search engines by ensuring the use of the best URL format; user interface designer who will make sure the correct font, style and color is used in your website design; and finally, the web programmer that writes the code for your website designer using all the information provided by the other team members.

Our web design and development company guarantees you the best website you can ever imagine.

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Five essential SEM tips to get to boost your ranking

There are several ways, including a certain level of advertising, that can get your website to the top of Google ranking by simply using a relevant keyword. SEM is a well-established marketing tool which helps to promote your website by making it more visible for the people who are researching.

Here are the five essential SEM tips to be followed.

Keyword Research
This is one of the basics of SEM. It is vital to know who your buyer is and why they would want to purchase your product or hire your services. Think in regard to that, what would they seek on Google for your site to be the number one choice when exploring the keywords.

Choose RankBrain
RankBrain is a necessary tool used by Google that is designed to answer up to 15% of unknown or new queries typed into Google search on a daily basis. By creating content which answers further questions on your website, which is relevant to your potential clients, RankBrain puts your site at the top of generated Google searches.

Choose links from trustworthy and relevant sources
Be sure to choose relationships that are in line with the content of your website and are generated from renowned sites. It is also required to have them placed in the correct locations. To build a real relationship between you and potential clients.

Optimise presence of your website
It is essential to sort out your SEO locally. Visible client reviews will promote your site to be safe. Choose the relevant keywords and use them to optimise your website content.

Protect your code
Build a website which makes use of the most modern technologies and is designed to work harmoniously with the search engines. Choose Cascading Style Sheets for excellent results.

Haarty Hanks is specialised in 360-degree consumer experiences across digital product modification, technology transformation and next-gen marketing style. No matter the domain, device, goals or technology platform, we’re driven to enhance the client relationship with technology by inventing and building close connections between businesses and their clients. Based in London, Haarty Hanks is the answer to your current digital business challenges.

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5 Tips for Finding The Best Keywords for Your Blog Posts

Getting started writing compelling content to publish on your blog might seem like a challenging task, but with your industry’s insider knowledge you can quickly explain to customers many things. Here are the five essential tips we use when creating a big blog post:

Tip 1. Point-to-point content is good
By focusing on narrowly targeted keywords rather than the more generic and competitive ones, you enhance the possibility of raking your posts highly in the search engines. Consider also the commercial intent of keywords, where people are specifically looking for a particular niche, or they are trying to search for things in general. People who are searching ‘in general’ are in their research phase.

Tip 2. Use Your Keywords in the Post Title
Titles have considerable relevance in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), so including your keywords in your title will help boost your Google ranking, as well as show your readers clearly what your post is all about.

Tip 3. Use The Right Keyword Density
With the rise of semantic search, the days of stuffing your blog post with full of keywords are finally over. Of course, you’ll still want to ensure your keywords are used throughout, but you should also be natural with your language and include variations and related phrases. Doing this will help Google to have a broader understanding of what your blog is about.

Tip 4. Use Internal Linking
Whenever a blog is shared on social media, the people will be landing on your website via that post. If they fall on that blog post page, how do you plan to turn them into a client, or get them to stay and have a look around your site? Call to action (CTA), internal links in the posts, and other relevant blog posts links in the page are crucial to holding the reader on your website to read and learn more about your business.

Tip 5. Use Image ‘Alt’ Tags
Image ‘alt’ tags are used to tell ‘what picture is all about?’ to the search engines and accessibility software. It’s SEO best practice to optimize your image alt tags by addressing descriptions of what is shown in every picture, using your keywords wherever possible.

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