Five Essential Web Design Tips for a Professional Website

We all want to have a wonderfully designed website, and yet, it’s surprisingly challenging. So what is it that great web designers know that the rest of us don’t? The key to great web design is quite simple. You’ve got to learn the universal rules of good web design and follow them, all the time. Let’s check some of these rules now.

1. Learn the fundamental rules of type design
The key to good web design is remembering that the web is just a bunch of text. There are a few golden rules for website designing that all websites should follow:

For headlines:

Make them bold and easy to scan

San serif typefaces are simply excellent for headlines on the website because they are stark and convenient to read at larger sizes.

For body text, you want to maximise legibility:

For lots of text to put in the website opt for a serif typeface

The lines should never be much longer than 50-60 characters.

2. Pick a solid typeface, and maybe one with a touch of playfulness.
Now, don’t get us wrong, everybody loves Helvetica as much as the next designer. When it comes to choosing a font-face you want to pick something super easy to read and maybe something a little, you know, like whimsical. Some other good choices are Montserrat and Merriweather Sans and Proxima Nova.

3. Pick a three-colour palette & then stick to it!
When it comes to selecting a colour palette, the key is to choose it and stick to it. Consistency with the colours is everything when it comes to creating a cohesive colour palette for your website. Neutral palettes that boldly use a strong accent colour.

4. Make sure your images are of the right size.
Remember, the web is pixel based. So if your image isn’t large enough in size it’s going to look blurred. When you are looking for pictures on Google, make sure to get the proper size. If the image is too small in size, don’t use it!

5. When in doubt, give it space.
Make sure your content has some breathing room; give it right margins will help with lucidity and focus. In particular, it’s necessary to avoid overwhelming users with walls of text. Considering using 3D icons or images as alternative ways to communicate your message.

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