Healthcare SEO – How to Grow Your Healthcare Practice?

Healthcare SEO - How to Grow Your Healthcare Practice?

In a competitive market like the healthcare industry, where you compete against other healthcare providers and practices for the same patients, it’s vital to improve the visibility of your practice’s website so you can attract more local patients. To get a place on page one of Google and other search engines, SEO needs to be your first priority. And not just any SEO – healthcare SEO that’s tailored to help healthcare practices grow their practice.

Here are some of the benefits of healthcare SEO and a useful guide to help you grow your healthcare practice. Keep reading to learn more.

What is Healthcare SEO?

SEO for medical practice is the practice of optimising a healthcare practice’s online presence, primarily through a website and content such as blogs, to generate more organic (free) traffic to your website. Optimising certain aspects of your website by using healthcare SEO and encouraging positive online mentions from other domains can also help your site rank higher in search engines.

How Does SEO for Medical Websites Help Grow Your Healthcare Practice?

If you have a healthcare practice, implementing a digital marketing strategy using SEO for medical websites is essential if you want people to find your practice. The benefits of optimising your website with healthcare SEO and medical SEO include:

  • Improved visibility for your healthcare website
  • Boosts traffic to your site
  • Higher conversion rates of potential patients booking appointments or taking other desired actions on your website.
  • Staying top of mind with patients and in the healthcare industry
  • Improved ROI for your marketing efforts.
  • Lower patient acquisition cost

How To Use SEO For Medical Practices to Grow Your Business Organically?

By implementing SEO for medical practices, you can put your practice’s website in front of the right users and outrank your competitors.

Here are 12 Tips for using Healthcare SEO to optimise your website:

  • Encourage patients to leave reviews.
  • Optimise your website for speed, security, and to be mobile-friendly.
  • Create useful content based on targeted keywords.
  • Start a healthcare blog to offer valuable content.
  • Optimise your site’s metatags (including images and videos.
  • Use short URLs with keywords in them.
  • Build backlinks.
  • Create a Google Business Profile page.
  • Respond to reviews (good or bad) to show engagement.
  • Get personal – include images of your staff, office, unique medical equipment, etc.
  • Track your results and maintain growth. 

Expert Healthcare SEO Services – Haarty Hanks Digital Marketing Agency

Medical SEO can be complex and time-consuming, but with the help of the SEO and digital marketing experts at Haarty Hanks, you can achieve your business goals faster. Contact us today to learn more about our healthcare SEO services and digital marketing packages.