Top 4 Email Marketing errors to avoid!!

1: Uninteresting emails.

You have the opportunity to use a database system whenever and how often you choose, which is also absolutely free! Don’t get caught up in sending emails which do not entice your relevant reader. Announce, future positives. Lure your audience through aimed or time and event related messages. As soon as they reply, you shall be there for any questions asked. Always listen to your targeted market!

2: Impatient sending.

Sending your emails without taking the time to proof and digest the content may the biggest mistake possible. After writing your email, wait a few days and then re-read. It is also a very good idea to have a third party read it. Once you have their point of view you may begin to send emails. At the start keep recipients to just a few hundred. Once you have their feedback you then have the ability to make any adjustments. You are then on your way to send out as many emails required. Everyone is happy!!!

3: Sale on!! Buy now!!

Obviously this is very beneficial for you, however, be aware of spam filters and email programs which class your email as spam. This is simply from using exciting language. Large images also upset these filters. Keep your images smaller than usual. You don’t want emails to be blocked through programs such as Outlook. Simplicity is best.


Running a business from home is great, although your market audience need not know. By using a professional email address along with your website domain will be far more beneficial to your business. If you do not have this at present more information and help is available from We are happy to get you started.

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