What are the Skills Required for a Social Media Specialist?

What are the Skills Required for a Social Media Specialist?

If you have an online presence, you’ve probably invested in making sure you are able to be found online by potential customers. You probably also know that creating and maintaining an online presence is only half the battle.  Online reputation management (ORM) is something that businesses never used to have to think about, but today it is an essential part of any business success. That’s because, in addition to your information, reviews and social media posts will also be found in any search results for your business.  Depending on what comes up, customers may not want to do business with you no matter how good your products or services are.

There are numerous review sites so it can be overwhelming for you to stay on top of every site and every review – whether good or bad, along with all of the practical responsibilities of running your business. 

The same goes for customer posts on various social media platforms. With all this online “noise”, it is possible that you may not even realize there are negative comments or reviews out there about you, and you may intentionally overlook them or fail to respond. 

This is where Haarty Hanks comes in. We will stay on top of reviews and social media posts in real-time and work as a liaison between the customer and company to resolve any issues. By doing so, you can rest assured that only the best image for your company is put forward.  

That is why Social Media Managers at Haarty Hanks are far more than people who post tweets for your brand. They are marketers, copywriters, storytellers, and customer service reps all in one. The best social media marketing specialist is one who is constantly developing and honing a skill set to match market research and maintain positive brand recognition.

Hard skills like copywriting, time-management skills, and trend awareness are ones that can be learned, but soft skills can’t be taught, so you should ensure your social media manager already possesses useful talents like storytelling and community management skills. This winning combination will ensure a strong impact on your company’s social media presence.

 Brands can be made or broken on the internet so in today’s digital landscape you need a social media pro that can keep up. For the best in social media marketing and community management, contact Haarty Hanks. We are a trusted and proven social media marketing agency with the skills to help your business achieve its full potential. Find out more at https://www.haartyhanks.com/