3 Types of SMM Tools That You Should Get

Social Media Marketing is one of the most critical business processes for every enterprise across industries. With the ever-expanding reach and influence of social media in our daily lives, controlling the trends and engaging people has become a challenging task. Many people ask us about the best social media monitoring tools for their particular businesses. Picking a tool isn’t easy, and we would recommend going through an in-depth review of your marketing needs before spending any money. That being said, we at Haarty Hanks often suggest to customers that there are 3 major types of social media monitoring solution on the market, and although they all crossover in several ways. These three types of SMM tools are as follows –

Research and Data Monitoring Tools
Some of the excellent social media monitoring tools are focused on providing data for analysis, research and planning. They enable you to capture enormous amounts of reliable data to monitor and review industry trends carefully. These tools are quite less feature-rich than some of the more mainstream SMM tools but claim more reliable data, detailed sources and longer retained history. Examples include Linkfluence, Nielsen Buzzmetrics, and Brandwatch.

Monitoring and Reporting Tools
Many of the top favourite monitoring tools are concentrated on real-time monitoring of social media, primarily for marketing or PR purposes, so they tend to provide enhanced and user-friendly features for tracking conversations and producing final reports. Many are also starting to offer client engagement and social CRM features.  The downside is, these tools often don’t tend to retain a long history of valuable data and are sometimes criticised for the quality of their data and the available range of sources. Examples include Meltwater Buzz, Radian6, and Synthesio.

Monitoring and Engagement Tool
Some monitoring tools are essentially focused on engagement – i.e. enabling your PR Execs, Community Manager, or Customer Services team to listen and respond to social media problems in real-time. With a great emphasis on the dashboard and standard team-working features, these solutions don’t offer the varied range of sources or quality of data as Research or Reporting tools, but they do offer a user-friendly way of engaging on the leading networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Examples include MarketMeSuite, HootSuite, and Conversocial.

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