How to Boost Your Twitter Marketing to Success?

Are you looking for fresh ideas to develop your Twitter marketing?  Now is not the time to let your Twitter marketing go outdated. Twitter has already developed more in the last 9 months than in the last 5 years, and this uphill trend is expected to continue further. How does Twitter fit into your social media marketing? Here are top Twitter marketing tips.

1. Share valuable content in your voice
Do your knowledge and experience to craft your content tweets, promotional tweets and @replies all with a seamless style that matches your persona and brand. Ideally, you need people to read your tweets and feel naturally compelled to retweet and click on your links.

2. Use keywords in your tweets
Keywords always have been and will continue to be highly relevant and driving force for web content. Keywords are the backbone of your marketing content. So, make a list of valid and related keywords which represent your industry and business well. Use these crucial words as you compose your 140-character tweets. Always favour quality over quantity of your content to make every character, and tweet counts a lot!

3. Share links to useful content
Sharing links to valuable content is, statistically speaking, more powerful at growing and retaining followers than having a conversation with them. That’s not to say that online discussions aren’t helpful to the marketers, but if you want to develop your fan base, you need to share more valuable and informative links than your @replies.

4. Use search features to discover your clients’ needs
To watch conversation about a problem that can be solved by you, use the search feature in a Twitter tool such as HootSuite. It will provide you insight into what is on your prospects’ minds and offer an open door for you to help them. Provide a link to a great video or article that answers their question to initiate productive dialogue and improve customer relationship.

5. Cultivate relationships
When someone tweets about your posts or retweets pay the close attention. Never take people for granted when you are building a business. Begin by thanking them for their tweet. Review the tweets by your loyal client’s for at least 5 minutes, every day. Jump into informative conversations, retweet items your community would acknowledge and thank people for sharing excellent things.

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