7 Important Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

7 Important Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

We all use social media daily, so there’s a level of comfort with the various platforms. But before you leap in to use social media marketing for your business, remember: every good business strategy starts with a good plan.

In this blog, we will discuss seven important social media tips that every small business should know before starting.

#1 – Choose Your Platforms

As you begin, keep it simple and focus on one or two platforms. Most importantly, choose the ones that you will be consistent with and that are popular with your audience. Not ready to make videos? Skip YouTube. Love talking? Create a podcast!

#2 – Grow Your Audience

The unique benefit of social media for small business marketing is that it allows you to talk directly to customers and followers to build relationships. Regularly engage with your audience to build trust and form a loyal following community that will lead to ongoing sales over time.

#3 – Pay Attention to Trends

Social listening is a highly valuable tool for gathering information, helping you understand what your audience (and potential audience) might want to hear from your brand. Paying attention to current trends helps you create appropriate content that resonates right now.

#4 – Automate Your Content

Take advantage of tools that automate sending/posting content to Hootsuite where you can schedule and create content for all your social profiles.

#5 – Focus on Quality Content

It’s more important to create quality content on one or two channels than it is to have a presence on every single network. Above all, be sure that your social media content offers value.

#6 – Simplify Content Creation

Creating social media content does take time, but with the right tools, you can be much more productive. Tools such as Canva, Buffer, Pexels, and Grammarly are great for creating spot-on content and have both free and paid versions.
#7 – Explore different formats

Mix it up and explore different ways to capture your target audience. For example, if you focus on beautiful graphic posts, consider changing it up and adding stories, reels, videos, or even going live on platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

No matter the size of your business, social media platforms will help you connect with your audience, find potential customers, and increase awareness of your brand. One of the great advantages of these social media tips is you can use them in whatever way makes the most sense for your business and your budget at any given time.

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