A Few eCommerce Content Marketing Tips

COVID-19 is shifting everything when it comes to online buying, and many businesses are still exploding as shopping has been forced online across the globe. 

However, consumer trust continues to plummet across industries and folks are holding brands to much higher standards. “Authentic” brands are successfully driving consumer loyalty, creating brand ambassadors, and generating organic reach with valuable, shareable content. With transparent and consistent content marketing you will not only drive customer connections but also conversions.  

So, how do eCommerce marketers create a plan and execute it? Let’s get into a few tips for content marketing in eCommerce. 

Get Your Team Behind Content 

Start by getting your digital marketing team working together to establish an eCommerce content strategy and begin solving low-effort/high-reward problems. What are your current weaknesses? What questions are your sales team constantly answering? Do you have all the easy content marketing wins complete and up-to-date? 

Perfect your more straightforward and ‘low hanging’ eCommerce content ideas: 

– Product descriptions 
– Category descriptions 
– Metadata 
– Buying guides 
– Blogs 
– Email campaigns 
– How-to guides 

A little light on the items above? Sounds like you need to get your team on board with content marketing to create more content.  

Address SEO Challenges 

There are a number of SEO issues that arise for website development when creating and updating content for products online.  

Duplicate content (internal/external), improper canonicalization, messy redirects—the list of potential Google penalties is long. Ensure you’re following best practices, so you don’t make Google guess too hard (e.g., alt text on images, simplified URL structure, targeted keywords, customer reviews, etc.).  

Tons of SKUs? 

If you’re dealing with hundreds or thousands of product SKUs, writing thoughtful, keyword-stuffed content may be too overwhelming. Prioritize keyword research for high-volume searches and produce a template for writers to follow that naturally produces long-tail keywords. 

For example: [Brand] + [Model Name/Series] + [Descriptor] + [Generic Product Term]. 

Invest in Quality 

To capture email addresses or a social share, the most successful retailers supply infographics, guides, e-books, whitepapers, case studies, courses/webinars, etc. which often lead to increased leads and traffic. 

Explore Platforms 

Think about posting content on partner sites, social media, email, YouTube, Medium, Quora, Reddit, etc. Dig into the platforms your customers lean towards and start thinking about how the content you’re currently creating can be adapted for that medium. 

Haarty Hanks Digital Marketing Agency can help boost your eCommerce traffic and conversions by creating targeted content through a variety of methods and platforms. Contact us today to get started!