How To Use the Google Ads Performance Planner

How To Use the Google Ads Performance Planner

In May 2019, Google Ads introduced a new tool to help advertisers gain insights into the potential performance they could gain with Online Marketing campaign changes, known as the Google Ads Performance Planner.

If you want to learn more about how to use it to optimise your conversion rate and boost your pay-per-click (PPC) campaign, then this is the article for you.  

  How To Use Google Ads Performance Planner 

To use the Google Ads Planner to improve your PPC performance, you’ll have to create a plan to do the simulation.  

 Follow these steps: 

  1. Sign In to your Google Account.
  2. Click Tools icon, select “Performance Planner.”
  3. Click the plus button to create a new plan.
  4.  Choose the campaigns you want to include in the plan.
  5. Next, select your desired date range and key metrics. You choose any date in the future to plan your PPC performance for the next month, quarter, or year depending on your needs. It also allows you to predict and optimize for clicks, conversions, or conversion values, whichever performance metric is essential to your business objectives.
  6.  Click “Create Plan.” You’ll be redirected to a page wtih an overview of your plan. The grey dot on the forecast graph represents your predicted performance based on your existing campaign settings, while the blue dot shows your predicted performance based on your planned settings.
  7. Click “Improve Plan.” Here, Google Ads Planner creates a forecast based on optimal bid and budget recommendations, enabling you to maximize your conversions without increasing your spending.
  8. Click “Compare.” This lets you see your spend, conversions and the average cost per action (CPA) compared across your existing settings, planned settings, and your campaigns’ past performance.
  9. Adding a “Target” is optional, but if you have a target conversion volume, spend or average CPA, consider adding that.

 Download your results. This tool provides forecasts; however, changes will not be added to your Google Ads accounts automatically. Download the file and upload it via Google Ads Editor to implement them.

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