4 Ways Your Website Can Improve PPC Campaigns

4 Ways Your Website Can Improve PPC Campaigns

When managing your Website PPC campaigns, your job is to drive the most relevant website traffic at the lowest possible PPC costs. Your website’s job is to take those users and entice them to do whatever it is you want them to do in your PPC campaign—whether that’s submitting a lead form, buying something, or reading a blog post.

Each of these 4 tips will improve the SEO campaign performance of your website and the success of your digital marketing so you won’t miss out on reaching your target audience.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Optimize your website to do its best at generating higher conversions of visitors to buyers, subscribers, members, or whatever action you want them to complete. Make certain that users are enticed to convert and it is clear how to do so on your website.

Here are a few key features on your site that need to be spot-on:

  • Engaging content that compels users to convert.
  • The professional design reflects your brand.
  • Clear calls to action (CTAs).
  • Simple forms.

 Mobile-Friendly Design

One of the first SEO Campaign strategies you should focus on is designing your website to be mobile-friendly. Did you know that mobile users accounted for a staggering 50% of the worldwide web traffic in 2021?

Google wants its mobile users to be able to find relevant, quick-loading experiences that are easy to navigate once they click on an ad.

  • Responsive pages
  • Site speed
  • Click-to-call phone number button
  • Clear menu navigation

Refine Your Website’s Message

To get the desired result in campaign optimization, you need to update and clarify the target message of your website. When users visit a website, the purpose must be obvious immediately. Continue to expand and refine your keyword list and focus ad campaigns on these new keywords to find innovative ways for driving traffic to your website and increasing conversions.

Track Conversions

Whether your website’s goals are tied to sales, leads, or page views you need a way to count and attribute those acts accordingly. The data about those conversions are incredibly valuable when you can link them to specific campaigns, ads, keywords, and audiences. That’s what will allow you and Google to optimize and drive the best-paid traffic to your website.

How do I optimize my website to track conversions?

Track stats and analytics from the following resources to obtain useful data about your ad campaigns conversion rates.

  • Google Analytics
  • Thank-you pages
  • Phone call tracking
  • Off-Site Links

Ultimately, the success of your PPC campaign is greatly affected by your website. Keep in mind that, when you run your ads, it’s important to implement these components (where necessary) into your website.

Haarty Hanks has helped countless clients far exceed their expectations with their PPC campaigns by looking at and optimizing every angle possible that will help improve the success of their digital marketing strategy.