How Will Technology Change The Pharmacy Industry In The Next Decade?

How Will Technology Change The Pharmacy Industry In The Next Decade

Technology propels the modern world, and one place that it can greatly benefit patient safety and health is in the pharmacy industry. To keep up, the future of the pharma industry will need to implement the latest and greatest technology for the pharmaceutical industry to boost efficiency, create quality medicines, and provide better patient experiences.

In this article, you will learn about the benefits of information technology (IT) in the pharmaceutical industry and explore what major trends will be affecting the future of pharma in the next decade.


Let’s take a look at the major IT pharmaceutical industry trends to find out what the future holds.

Advanced Analytics

Analysing and processing large data sets with advanced IT analytics will empower pharmacists to make more accurate conclusions about specific drug effectiveness and what side effects they will cause.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology provides a network-wide digital ledger to track the inventory and dispensing of medication for a higher level of transparency and security. This way pharmaceutical companies can fight against illegal medical practices as well as counterfeit and poor-quality drugs.

Precision Medicine

Precision medicine (bioinformatics) is a new technology in healthcare. It offers a new approach to preventing, diagnosing, and treating certain diseases by studying a patient’s lifestyle and their genes, enabling healthcare providers to make much more personalised treatments.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

ML and AI benefit the pharmaceutical industry by providing improved forecasting potential and data analysis. AI can process large amounts of information much more accurately and faster than lab workers. Therefore, medication manufacturers can increase the efficiency and quality of medication production.

Cloud Technology

In the pharmaceutical field, the use cloud technology will allow for more efficient work. It provides increased information security and better data analysis which allows healthcare providers to store larger amounts of patient data.

Digital Training

Introducing employees to technology and training them how to use it is incredibly significant these days. This way, you can set up and speed up certain processes in a pharmacy.


The electronic prescription (ePrescription) structure is used to simplify medical prescriptions management and distribution. It can be helpful in reducing prescription errors, thus improving patient safety.

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