Five New Categories Now Added for Google Local Service Ads

Google Ads

If you own or are in charge of digital marketing advertising for a business, you’re probably familiar with Google’s Local Services ads (LSA) by now. If not, now is the time to learn more about these LSAs that you’ve likely seen at the very top of Google’s SEO search results.

This March Google announced big news! They have added five new categories for Google Local Service Ads….let’s check out the changes.

Big News For Google’s Local Service Ads

In March 2023 Google announced category additions to its current Local Services Ads category options. These new categories will give businesses the opportunity to better highlight their services in local queries.

The new Google Local Service Ad categories are:

  • Education
  • People care
  • Pet care
  • Wellness
  • Health care 

Benefits of Using Local Service Ads For Your Business

With LSAs, local businesses can advertise their services at the top of Google Search results pages and receive quality inquiries, messages, reservations, and service appointment bookings in the areas you choose. Plus, you can easily manage your leads and track performance.

How to Do Google Local Services Ads Work?

Advertisers begin by choosing the services they offer from a list for their industry and then when a person’s search matches the criteria for those same services, your ad will appear in their search.

Since you are selecting service categories and not specific keywords, you can’t pick exactly what your LSA will show for. For some companies, this is not a big deal because you aren’t paying by the click (PPC) for Local Service Ads.

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