SEO vs. PPC: Don’t Play Favorites Play Together

SEO vs. PPC: Don't Play Favorites. Play Together!

The SEO vs PPC debate is still raging on. Nevertheless, we are here to tell you that there’s no need to play favorites! They can both play nice together, and the outstanding results will prove it to you. Depending on your current circumstances, one may be more important than another—but both are necessary for success in today’s worldwide digital marketing arena.

Build an even stronger digital media strategy by combining efforts into both SEO and PPC ads.

 Why Should You Use Both PPC and SEO In Your Digital Marketing?

It’s easy to oversimplify the difference between SEO and PPC with statements like, “SEO is free but PPC costs money.” It is true that clicking on an organic search result doesn’t cost you money, but there’s a good chance that your content won’t rank consistently well unless you invest in people, content, and tools to step up your SEO game. In actuality, nothing is free.

Another misconception is that PPC has to be expensive. Sure, PPC campaigns can be expensive but only if you don’t protect your PPC spend by setting daily budgets and monitoring your campaigns for overspending on irrelevant keywords.

Which Channel is Better at Increasing Revenue?

SEO ads and PPC ads can generate quality traffic to your site and improve your chances of converting more visitors to customers. Data shows that brands get more combined clicks on ads and organic results when both are present on a SERP.

 Here are several areas that you need to consider when allocating budgets and resources between paid and organic channels:

  • Understanding the differences between SEO and PPC ads
  • How to measure the success of an SEO strategy vs. a PPC campaign
  • Putting your strengths to work whilst compensating for your weaknesses
  • Integrating your PPC and SEO strategies for massive wins

The conversation shouldn’t be SEO versus PPC but rather SEO plus PPC.

Here are three huge ways SEO and PPC work together to help your business:

  • A Combined SEO + PPC Strategy Boosts Results
  • An SEO + PPC Strategy Gives You More Chances of Getting Seen
  • Running SEO + PPC Gives You More Marketing Data

To get the best results for your digital marketing, throw out the SEO vs. PPC debate and get started with both versus focusing all your resources on just one channel.

Bringing SEO campaigns and PPC ad campaigns together is a great way to garner attention for your business and generate leads to increase growth and meet your business goals.

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