How to Overcome Unique B2B Digital Marketing Challenges

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When it comes to business-to-business (B2B) marketing, anyone who has been operating in the B2B space understands the unique B2B challenges when it comes to digital marketing.   

Unlike marketing to consumers, B2B companies deal with longer sales cycles and smaller target markets. In addition, they must first generate leads to follow up on as opposed to selling a product directly to consumers (B2C). 

 Let’s take a look at how you can overcome these obstacles to grow your business. 

Embrace digital marketing 

Every business must have a digital presence which is comprised of paid ads a website, social media accounts, and any other relevant platform. For best results, having a fully optimized 

A strong B2B digital marketing strategy starts with defining your target audience to ensure your content and digital marketing and advertising efforts are reaching the right audience. 

  Create Content to stand out  

While this is difficult for every marketer, it’s especially tough in the B2B world because they have fewer targets than their B2C counterparts, which means the competition is a lot stiffer. 

Make sure your content targets your specific audience. A targeted digital marketing funnel is an effective way to reach each persona with content to match. Also, don’t be afraid to personalize the tone in your content to better connect with your audience. Don’t just be informative, be engaging and watch your company’s brand awareness build.  

 Plan ahead 

Sit down with your team and map out content ideas for the next four to twelve months, then determine the best platform or media for each piece of content.   

 Understand conversion values 

Most B2B businesses don’t have the luxury of selling products directly to easily understand conversion rates. When examining conversion data, it’s important to differentiate between each conversion point (contact form submission, PPC, email sign up, phone call, etc) and determine which are providing the value so you can concentrate on those. 

 Manage expectations 

Digital marketing itself is a long-term play. You have to bide your time while building up your digital authority and wait for the time it takes to convert your leads into actual customers. The good news is that with analytics in place, meanwhile, you can start tracking metrics that provide data on how your digital marketing strategies are working. 

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