Things You Should Know Before Developing UI/UX

Things you should know before developing UI/UX

When developing and designing a website you need to balance several things. On the one hand, there’s the user experience. It goes without saying that the user interface must serve its purpose for the user it’s designed for. However, a highly usable interface is no good if it’s ugly – users won’t want to use it. Building a stylish website that works seamlessly involves a combination of both UI and UX design and development skills.

Below are the most important things you should know before designing and developing a UI/UX website.

Prioritise UX in your UI design

UI web design refers to the visual components of a user experience, and it can help make the user’s journey more intuitive. UX is considered the structure of a website, and UI refers to the visual elements that make the website more pleasing to the eye. This includes icons, colours, buttons, iconography, and all aesthetics on the user interface.

Use text hierarchy

Text hierarchy text is a key visual element on a website page. The most important information should have the biggest headlines to grab the viewer’s attention first. By delegating importance to headlines by size (H1, H2, etc), it helps to get the right information across to the reader in the appropriate order.

 Choose the right icons

Choosing the right icons can be an interesting challenge when designing a UI. Graphic icons need to simply communicate an idea or action or activity clearly. The style and overall use should be consistent throughout the website.

Choose colours wisely

Colour performs a very important role in guiding users through a UI. In general, it’s best to choose three colours. Use the base colour (something neutral) for 60% to 80% of the page. The other two colours can be used to draw attention, such as call-to-actions.

 Build branding into your UI design

You can create a beautiful UI/UX website, but it also needs to look and feel like what the brand stands for, how that brand wants to be represented, and how the brand wants to communicate with its users.

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