Why Email Marketing Sucks

Why Email Marketing Sucks?

Sometimes the truth can be a little hard to swallow – especially when it comes to lackluster email marketing campaigns that fall short again and again. However, hiding from the reality of the situation only makes it harder for your brand to get back on the right side of your subscribers. There are many reasons why it feels like email marketing sucks. But in this article, we want to flip it around and show you how effective email marketing campaigns can be.

 So first, let’s look at what the stats are saying about email marketing….

  • 80% of professional digital marketers believe that email marketing improves customer retention.
  • 59% of marketers say email is their main source of Return on Investment (ROI). The average expected ROI is £36 for every £1 you spend on email marketing.
  • 81% of small businesses in the UK rely on email marketing campaigns as their primary customer acquisition channel.
  • More than 50% of UK respondents check their personal email accounts at least 10 times a day and like to receive promotional emails from their favorite brands.

15 Ways You Can Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns

If you spend the time to get the operations and message of your email campaign on point, you’re almost guaranteed to get the results you’re hoping for. If you need help, Haarty Hanks can collaborate with you to build an automated email campaign to build your audience and generate revenue.

To help you get back on track and make the most of Email Marketing, follow these tips.

  1. Segment your subscriber database
  2. Personalize your messages
  3. Optimize for mobile
  4. Re-engage inactive subscribers
  5. Use A/B testing to identify the perfect email
  6. Set up trigger emails to prevent missed opportunities
  7. Nurture leads to customers
  8. Use emotion to connect in your email copy
  9. Showcase your values
  10. Tell a story
  11. Find the right email sending time
  12. Use dynamic content
  13. Try out plain text emails
  14. Create subject lines that grab people’s attention
  15. Only use one call-to-action (CTA) per email and make it short and actionable

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