Quality Backlinks vs. Quantity Backlinks – What is More Important in SEO?

Quality backlinks vs. Quantity backlinks – what is more important in seo?

An experienced SEO digital marketer knows that one of the most important aspects of SEO strategy and SEM strategy includes link building and backlinks. But the truth is, not all links are created equal. Your goal is to build up quality backlinks that are relevant to your site and abandon the outdated idea of getting as many links as possible. 

This article explains how quality backlinks can significantly improve SEO results and PPC strategies. 

 What are Backlinks? 

Backlinks (when other sites link to your web page) are the best way to determine the quality of a webpage. In fact, Google says backlinks are one of their top 3 ranking determiners.   

There are several factors that will affect the credibility of a backlink, including the Domain Authority power of the linking webpage and the number of other links that are on that page. As mentioned above, the quality of links matters much more than the quantity. 

  Quality vs. Quantity 

 In the past, Google search engines would rank results based solely on the content of the webpage and how many backlinks it had. Currently, Google’s algorithm search engines are now focusing more on link quality — not just quantity. Here are 3 determining factors for measuring the quality of backlinks. 

 Page Authority: The first consideration of link quality is Page Authority. The quality and authority of the website (page) linking to your site make a difference if you want to rank higher on Google so you can get found faster. Links from sites with great page authority can provide the most power to your site. 

  Domain Authority: A large part of increasing Domain Authority comes from link building. Links from well-respected sources with excellent DA will be much more powerful than no-name blogs and will give your site more credibility (DA).  

One way to create a strong DA is accomplished by implementing Search Engine Optimization Use Keyword Suggestions when building your website. When you use keyword suggestions that are relevant to your site, you have a better chance of building a strong DA.  

  Relevance: When searching for backlinks, choose sites that are closely related to yours to link to and from. 

  How to Check Backlinks 

Use Moz Site Explorer and Google Search Console to determine the link quality of sites that have linked to your site and remove the ones that are poor quality.  

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