What is the difference between SEO and advanced SEO?

What is the difference between SEO and advanced SEO
SEO is not a new phrase in marketing and most people know that it stands for Search Engine Optimisation.  This is where a website is tailored and prepared to achieve a high ranking on internet search engines, emphasizing the quality of traffic so relevant visitors.  Search engine optimization is a key element of any digital marketing strategy; a great website is no use if people can’t find it or don’t visit it.

Search engine optimization techniques
Search engine optimization techniques are a key part of any digital marketing strategy and could include:-

  • Great user experience – maintain quality across your website, and keep your bounce rate low as Google rewards sites with a low bounce rate. Time spent on a page to Google indicates a positive response
  • Longer content – which usually equates to a higher ranking but majors on the quality and relevancy
  • Backlinks – are always crucial but the emphasis is on quality and authenticity so links are obtained through influencer marketing. Low-quality links might actively damage your site

Advanced SEO Techniques
As technology develops so do the methods and mechanisms of developing the customer experience.  It is crucial to pay attention to the standard SEO methods which still promote good traction but there are some new developments for 2020 worth a look.

  • Voice search – optimizing your website for voice search will get you ahead of the pack and bump you up the Google rankings. Voice search has different criteria than text search so do your homework
  • Topic clusters instead of keywords – as Google becomes ever more sophisticated, it wants to understand its user’s intentions and emotions, Google searching is becoming about so much more than just searching, user intent is the new watchword, pare down your keywords
  • Technical optimization – never has this been more important, glitches and hitches are a big no-no, users no longer tolerate sites that just don’t deliver, and a site that operates slickly is key to great rankings

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